Join your Child in Play with Gill Moses Parent Mentor Podcast

Welcome to our video podcast: Different voices and Different Eyes. Focusing on learning, parenting and education - Join your Child in Play with Gill Moses Parent Mentor

In my August 2023 podcast, I talk to Gill Moses - YourParentMentor. I love Gill's quote on her Instagram page "join your child in play & feel connected all day" and that was the starting point of our conversation where we talked about how, as parents, it is important to build connections with our children and how we can do that through play. A vibrant and inspiring conversation with Gill and Nell! Nell is a large hand puppet that is Gill's assistant in her mentoring sessions. I just love it!

You can get in touch with Gill through her Instagram Page.

Here is the link to the lovely Nell or Lilabell from LIVING PUPPETS®!


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With my video podcasts, I am interested in having a chat with people who are encouraging learning, play, education, parenting and anything to do with children growth and well-being, on a different angle. I hope you find this video podcast, "Join your child in play" with Gill Moses", interesting and informative.

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Join your child in play with Gill Moses | PuppetsIreland August 2023

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