Collection: Large Hand Puppets

Our Large Hand Puppets find their place in various settings, home and educational and provide entertainment, education, fun, and even cuddles! With their impressive size, these puppets captivate not only older children and adults but also spark the imagination of aspiring puppeteers.

The quality of Living Puppets 65cm Puppets is outstanding and they all come with removable clothes.

Top benefits of playing with large 65cm Living Puppets Hand Puppets:

1 - They can be used within different environments, for entertainment, education, fun and cuddles!

2 - Because of their size, Living Puppets 65cm Hand Puppets appeal and suit older children, adults and future puppeteers. There are a lot of skills involved in using, the 2 hands together or one hand and the mouth-moving face.

3 - Large puppets like these are safe and non-threatening and are often used by play therapists to help children address specific issues.

Some of our popular Living Puppets 65cm Hand Puppets are:

Living Puppets Backbarmus 65cm

Living Puppets Ghost 65cm Hand Puppet

The Puppet Company Large Orangutan Hand Puppet

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