Our Brands


My vision is to support the development and presence of eco-friendly and screen-free toys for children from birth to preteens and encourage an awareness for toys that let children play and grow at their own pace and using their individual skills and talents. Toys generate such an amount of waste in the world and I truly believe that less is better when it comes to buying toys!
That is why I love puppets, they offer endless play value and last forever!

It is important to me that my values and ethos are reflected within the range of Puppetsireland.ie

I would like to introduce here our suppliers. I have worked with most of them since we have started mimitoys.ie in 2004 and I am so pleased to consolidate the relationship with this new website.
Behind each brand and each company is a lovely bunch of dedicated and passionate designers and dreamers!

Kaloo and Lilliputiens

Kaloo and Lilliputiens were recently acquired by Janod. Both brands use recycled polyester stuffing (obtained from recycled plastic bottles) for their soft toys and comforters
The stuffing is GRS-compliant (Global Recycled Standard) and certified by the Control Union body.

Le Toy Van

The famous manufacturer of the best and most colourful Dollhouses in Ireland. Le Toy Van toys are all wood, the dollshouses themselves are made from a fiber board, whereas furniture and dollhouse characters are mostly full timber.
Le Toy Van only use FSC certified wood for the fiber board and Indonesian Legal Rubberwood that has been previously farmed for its Latex.
Le Toy Van is serious in pointing out that they progress ethical production methods. They work closely with three factories across China and Indonesia. Each factory is approved by the ICTI Ethical Toy Programme Certification, that supports the rights and well-being of these workers.
With regards to the use of plastic, they are pledged to remove 100% of plastic from packaging by 2023.

The Puppet Company

Puppet design is in the UK. The puppets themselves are manufactured in the Far East in factories that are visited by the manufacturer to ensure that workers’ conditions are of the highest standards.
The Puppet Comapny has strict environmental and ethical trading policies in place. Generally, they efficiently consume water, energy and other natural resources.
In the production process they use non-toxic products, for example the puppets when requiring colour use VOC-free paints and the cleaning products used in the production process are in turn biodegradable.
In the transport of finished puppets they use sustainable transport methods wherever possible.

Moulin Roty

Moulin Roty do an oh-so-cute range of soft and plush toys. They select most of their fabrics in Europe for their creativity and their technical quality, as well as their non-toxicity (the majority are tested by suppliers following the system of reference Oeko-Tex).
They work with factories and workshops that are selected with the greatest care, situated in Romania and France, as well as in China and Taiwan. These factories are above all partners with whom they have a long lasting relationship.


Bigjigs is a UK company founded by husband and wife team Liz and Peter Ireland in 1985. They are both teachers by profession where child development and education is always at the heart of their fabulous toy range. They work closely with a number of toy production facilities in the Far East who are regularly visited by Liz. Liz takes great care to ensure that the facilities are operating ethically and are committed to a consistent quality that has been built up over many years.
Bigjigs have a range of mostly wooden toys where wood is farmed environmentally. The majority of their wooden toys are manufactured from Rubberwood. Rubberwood is a byproduct of the latex production process. Rather than the wood being discarded at the end of its useful “latex producing”, it is used in their toy production. It is a solid hardwood, perfect for producing quality, hard-wearing toys.
No chemicals are adhered onto the wood and the toys are finished with child-friendly paints, stains and lacquers. In turn their range passes stringent safety testing guidelines regarding these surface coverings.

Fiesta Crafts

We love the puppets from Fiesta Crafts! From character hand puppets to finger puppet sets or storysets…Fiesta Crafts puppet range offer endless possibilities for imaginative and creative play.
Fiesta Crafts focus on creating durable puppets and puppet theatres toys children will want to play with many times, again and again. Fiesta Crafts also sell a durable range of finger puppets and use high quality materials in their hand puppets and craft sets. Their play puppet range impacts strongly on the creative, imaginative and cognitive skills of children.

Living Puppets

Living Puppets is a German company who brings mouth-moving puppets to a new dimension! They come in all sizes (45cm or 65cm), have removable clothes, have oddles of personality and are easy to use. They are ideal as playmates, learning partners, living characters, cuddly friends, family members, confidantes, role players, story tellers, imagination developers, spin doctors, foreign language talents, truth tellers, everyday heroes…and more.
The hand puppets are suitable for small as well as for large hands.