Collection: Hideaway Puppets

Discover our cute collection of Hideaway Puppets, a perfect gift option. Engage in fun hide-and-seek play with these lovable puppets. The element of surprise brings joy to babies, toddlers, and older children, encouraging their attention and focus.

Our Hideaway Puppets bear the quality of our main suppliers The Puppet Company and Kaloo. We like the surprise effect they offer and the endless play possibilities.

Top benefits of playing with Hideaway Puppets:

1 - The surprise element is always there when playing with Hideaway Puppets and it encourages children's attention and focus.

2 - They can be used with loads of books and stories and will make storytime captivating.

3 - Children will enjoy playing with Hideaway Puppets and make out their own stories with multiple characters.

Some of our popular Hideaway Puppets are:

The Puppet Company Hideaway Tree House

Living Puppets Sammy The Turtle

The Puppet Compane Hide Away Tawny Owl

Why buy Hide-away Puppets from

We believe that puppets offer amazing and endless play possibilities and Hide-away Puppets have that little bit extra which is the surprise element. They also a combination of a hand puppet and finger puppets. If you are looking for additional finger puppets to add to the set, check here our full range of finger puppets.