Collection: Hand Puppets

Discover a captivating world of hand puppets in various sizes, shapes, colours, and themes. From people to animals, and even fantasy creatures, there's a hand puppet for everyone. Hand Puppets can tell stories, sing songs, teach counting and spelling, and offer endless encouragement...

Our Hand Puppets can be used by children and adults. They can tell stories, sing songs, count, spell, encourage...A Hand Puppet is a friendly companion and a cuddly friend!

Top benefits of playing with Hand Puppets:

1 - Hand Puppets encourage communication and social skills.

2 - The variety of Hand Puppets that are available really appeals to children and professionals who use puppets in education or therapy.

3 - Playing with Hand Puppets is a lovely shared moment between parent/minder and child.

Some of our favourite and popular Hand Puppets are:

The Puppet Company Hand Puppet Grandma

The Puppet Company Girl Super Hero

Living Puppets Lischa 45cm (as seen on the Late Late Toy Show 2022)

Why buy Hand Puppets from

We are passionate by what we do, sourcing good traditional puppets that have amazing play values, last forever and that can be passed on to the next generation. We have a little fun here too by doing some "home-made" videos to give a better idea of size and quality. Check our Youtube Channels.