Collection: Monster Hand Puppets

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by our vibrant and friendly Monster Puppets selection, far from scary in fact! Our Monster Puppets are full of personality and an exceptional avenue for children to develop their imagination and creative skills.

Playing with monster puppets is a fantastic way for children to develop their imagination and creative skills. They often make up their own stories or change existing stories in some way that is unique to them. The puppets are also a great addition to any book.

Top benefits of playing with monster puppets:

1 - To use a Monster Puppet Hand Puppet requires dexterity and co-ordination, particularly when they are mouth moving.

2 - They are a great tool to get children's attention as they have defined visual features, like big eyes or large mouths.

3 - Children will enjoy imitating the puppet and can learn rhymes and songs that way.

Some of our popular (and favourite!) Monster Puppets are:

The Puppet Company Red Monster Hand Puppet

Living Puppets Klops Hand Puppet

Sesame Street Cookie Monster Hand Puppet

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We are always on the look-out for new and fun puppets and we have a passion for traditional toys. Our customer service is often complimented on our Google reviews and we pride ourselves in responding to any email or query in no time. We also welcome customer's comments and feedback as it helps us developing our puppet range.