Collection: Puppet Theatre

A puppet theatre, the perfect toy to encourage imaginative, creative, and social play. This engaging activity entertains the whole family while providing a rich source of learning and play. Set up shows with hand puppets or finger puppets, and let children make up their own stories

What better toy to encourage imaginative, creative and social play than a puppet theatre? It is entertaining for the whole family and a great source of playing and learning.

Top 3 benefits of playing with a puppet theatre:

1 - Puppet Theatres come in different sizes to accommodate shows on the go! We have the stand-alone puppet theatre that looks good in playroom or any other room and encourages play! Our traditional magnetic theatres that come as a set so no need to buy extra puppets and a table-top theatre, easy to assemble and that does not take too much space.

2 - You can use any hand puppet or finger puppets with a Puppet Theatre so the themes for the stories are endless as there are so many categories of puppets, characters, animals, monsters, Sesame Street...

3 - Setting up a show with a puppet theatre encourages independent play where children are in control of their play.

Our popular Puppet Theatres are:

Fiesta Crafts Carry Case Finger Puppet Theatre

Tidlo Wooden Puppet Theatre

Lilliputiens The Big Bad Wolf and the 3 Little Pigs Magnetic Theatre

Why buy Puppet Theatres from

Playing with puppet theatres falls right down in what we believe play should be all about. Open, no boundaries, up to children to decide what to do and offer children a chance to express their emotions and feelings. On our blogs page you will see articles about the value and benefits of using puppets for play.