Collection: Puppet Story Set

Children with loads of imagination and creativity will enjoy our Puppet Story Sets. These captivating sets that include finger puppets and a book, engage children's senses, talents, and skills. Fun and entertainment guaranteed when reenacting the stories!

Puppets story sets are probably one of the best toys to encourage children’s natural ability to play, use their imagination, creativity, senses, talents and skills! Children (and adults) can play with puppets and retell their favourite story. It's fun and entertaining.

Top 3 benefits of playing with puppets story sets:

1 - Puppets make the story so more vibrant. Have a puppet that reads the story or use different puppet characters within the same story.

2 - A Hand Puppet or Finger Puppets make it easier for the parent to animate the story.

3 - Puppets story sets allow the children interact with the narrator who tells the story through the finger or hand puppet.

Top Puppet Story Sets that parents buy for their children are:

Finger Puppets Nursery Rhymes set of 6

The Puppet Company Finget Puppet Set 3 Little Pigs

Fiesta Crafts Puss in Boots Puppets Set

Why buy Puppet Story Sets from
We offer a unique and wide range of quality puppets - working with the best puppet suppliers in Europe. The Puppet Company, Living Puppets, Beleduc and Fiesta Crafts are some of our reliable suppliers. A lot of time and thought goes into selecting our puppets. If you are looking for additional puppets to add to your Story Sets, take a look at our range of finger puppets.

If you have any questions about our puppets please be sure to contact us. We love hearing from you at Puppets Ireland and always enjoy receiving questions and enquiries.