Collection: Sesame Street Puppets

Discover the joy of Sesame Street as we proudly present hand puppets featuring beloved characters like the Cookie Monster, Bert or Ernie...These friendly and vibrant puppets offer limitless fun & educational opportunities. Each Sesame Street Character Puppet is available in different sizes.

Sesame Street has been a popular educational TV programme with a colourful community of monsters...A great mix of puppetry, comedy and animation.

Top benefits of playing with Sesame Street Puppets:

1 - Friendly and colourful monsters that can be used in endless educational environment to encourage social skills, creative skills and also fine-motor-skills.

2 - They make a great support to accompany Sesame Street books, activity books and even school plays with some of their characters. Parents love them too!

3 - The full range of Living Puppets Sesame Street Hand Puppets is bright, colourful and visually striking. Each character comes in different sizes.

Some of our popular Sesame Street Puppets are:

Living Puppets Elmo Sesame Street Hand Puppet 33cm

Living Puppets Cookie Monster Sesame Street Hand Puppet 33cm

Living Puppets Bert 65cm Large Hand Puppet

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