The Benefits of Playing with Puppets

We like traditional toys like puppets as they are probably one of the best toy to encourage children’s natural ability to play. When children are playing with puppets they use their imagination, creativity, senses, talents and skills! We like their simplicity and the fact that they are not lead by fashion or trends. They offer fantastic play value.
Who has ever thrown a puppet away because it’s broken? Puppets are often kept as a childhood memento, as they hold lovely memories of fun and laughter and tender moments of connections between a parent and child.
Indeed, puppets are also passed on to the next generation or friends.

What can go wrong when buying a puppet? Puppets come in so many different sizes, shapes, themes and age suitability. There is a puppet for everyone out there who likes to play, make up stories and love social interaction.

Watching children (and adults) play with puppets is fun and entertaining but there is so much more to it!

Top benefits of playing with puppets:

1 – Playing with puppets opens endless possibilities for creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and curiosity.
2 – With puppets there are no boundaries, we don’t really know what we are going to do when we start, with no solution to work out or right or wrong playing with puppets is genuinely up to the imagination…
3 – Puppets can help children learn rhymes and songs as they imitate the puppet too. Repetition is always good to retain vocabulary and learn new words…ideal to introduce new languages for example.
4 – Puppets create interaction, fun dialogue and even an element of surprise with peek-a-boo puppets for example. A favourite for little ones who like surprises!
5 – Puppets can be the voice who talks about manners or good behaviours, without being the parent or teacher. Children will enjoy listening to a puppet, all the better if it uses a funny voice!
6 – Having a few puppets is great to develop self confidence as children are more than happy to come up with a show and amazing stories in front of their family.

Let’s not forget that puppets are used for therapy and I have had an interesting podcast with Emer O’Brien who is a child psychotherapist and play therapist where she explains how she uses puppets to help children express their feelings and overcome anxieties about their everyday life.

If you are now convinced that buying a puppet is a good idea! here are a few of our best sellers for each of our puppets category:

Top Hand Puppets:

The Puppet Company Hand Puppet Owl

Owl Hand Puppet with a green waistcoat and brown soft wings
The Puppet Company Girl Hand Puppet

Girl Hand Puppet with blond hair, a red dress, green top and blue shoes with yellow ribbons.
Learning Resources Feelings Hand Puppets

5 Hand Puppets, yellow, blue, green, orange and purple, with stitched features of an emotion on each.
Hand Puppet Elephant

Hand Puppet representing an elephant. Light grey ears and belly, dark grey face.

Top Puppets Story Sets:

Fiesta Crafts Big Bad Wolf and 3 Little Pigs

Grey Wolf Hand Puppet with three pink pigs Finger Puppets
The Puppet Company Nursery Rhymes Story Set

Purple box with 6 nursery rhymes Finger Puppets and a Story Book
Fiesta Crafts Jungle Book Puppet Set

Orange with black stripes Tiger Hand Puppet with a boy, a chimp and a bear Finger Puppets

Top Long Sleeved Puppets:

The Puppet Company Long Sleeved Puppet Rabbit

Long Sleeved Hand Puppet Rabbit with Brown Soft body and white pointy ears
The Puppet Company Long Sleeved Puppet Puffin

Puffin Hand Puppet with orange beak and feet, full-bodied Hand Puppet
The Puppet Company Long Sleeved Puppet Cat

White and Ginger soft Cat Hand Puppet, full bodied with 2 front paws.

Top Hideaway Puppets:

The Puppet Company Hide-Away Rabbit in a Lettuce

Hand Puppet of a Rabbit in a Green Lettuce with 4 Animal Finger Puppets
Living Puppets Sammy the Turtle Hand Puppet

Large Brown Turtle Hand Puppet with 2 front legs and 2 back legs
The Puppet Company Hide-Away Dinosaur House

A green bag with 4 Dinosaurs Finger Puppets

Top Monster Puppets:

The Puppet Company Baby Monster Red

Red Hand Puppet with pointy ears. In the shape of a large ball with dangling arms and legs.
Living Puppets Klops Hand Puppet

Orange Hand Puppet, hairy in the shape of a circle, with large eye and mouth moving.
The Puppet Company Green Monster

Full bodied green and blue Hand Puppet in the shape of a large monster.

Top Sesame Street Puppets:

Living Puppets Cookie Monster Hand Puppet

Blue Hand Puppet with a soft body, beady eyes and mouth moving.
Living Puppets Ernie Hand Puppet 33cm

Hand Puppet of a boy with blue trousers and a red and blue stripy top. Mouth moving.
Living Puppets Elmo Hand Puppets 65cm

Tall red Hand Puppet of Elmo a sesame Street character.

Top Super Large Puppets:

Living Puppets Grandma 65 Hand Puppet

Large Hand Puppet of a Grandma wearing a blue dress with white apron. Grey hair and glasses on her nose and brown slippers on her feet.
The Puppet Company Large Creatures Alligator

Green alligator large Hand Puppet. Full bodied with large opening pink mouth with teeth.
Living Puppets Back Tooth Large Hand Puppet

Large White Hand Puppet of a Back Tooth, with arms and mouth moving.

Top Mouth Moving Puppets:

Living Puppets Karl Hand Puppet

Hand Puppet of a yellow bird with pink legs and beak. Beak opens and closes.
Fiesta Crafts Hand Puppet Red Dragon

Red Dragon Hand Puppet with shiny wings and body. Large mouth moving face.
The Puppet Company Baby Bird Crow

A full-bodied Crow Hand Puppet with yellow beak and feet. Movable black wings.
Living Puppets Lischa Hand Puppet 45cm as seen on Late Late Toy Show 2022

Hand Puppet with arms moving. Blue and red stripy top and dark hair and mouth moving.
Top Finger Puppets - the coolest ones!:

The Puppet Company Incy Wincy Spider

Brown spider with eight legs and a yellow hat. Finger Puppet with soft body.
The Puppet Company Yellow Butterfly

Yellow butterfly finger puppet with wings with red stripes and body with black stripes.
EQD People of the World set 1

10 colourful finger puppets representing people of the world with different outfits and facial features
Best Selling Puppet Theatres:

Fiesta Crafts Carry Case Finger Puppet Theatre

Girl playing with a tabletop theatre with wooden panels and red curtains.
The Puppet Company Puppet Theatre

Wooden Puppet Theatre with red and yellow stripy wooden panels and red curtains.
Vilac Fairy Tales Puppet Theatre

Free standing Puppet Theatre with 3 panels, each designed with images of fairytales characters.

If you have any questions about our puppets please be sure to contact us. We love hearing from you at Puppets Ireland and always enjoy receiving questions and enquiries. Contact us.

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