Puppets for Children on the Spectrum Testimonial of a mum Podcast

Welcome to our video podcast: Different voices and Different Eyes on learning, parenting, education and more - Puppets for Children on the Spectrum Testimonial of a mum Podcast

Myriam talks to Lucy Cronly who is a certified professional coach based in Meath. On this podcast, we do not hear Lucy the professional coach, but the mum of a son who is on the spectrum. Lucy explains how she has introduced puppets to her son from a very young age, gives plenty of ideas of the type of puppets she has made or used, and describes the positive impact they’ve had on her son. A beautiful, passionate and caring testimonial.
Lucy Cronly works with groups and individuals, and also deliver programmes in secondary schools. The objective of Lucy’s coaching is to help people understand themselves and the world around them. Lucy has a very warm and compassionate approach to this.

With my video podcasts, I am interested in having a chat with people who are experiencing and encouraging learning, play, education, parenting and anything to do with children’s growth and well-being, but from a new or different angle. I hope you find this video podcast interesting and inspiring.

During the podcast, we have talked about the variety of puppets. You can check them out here: hand puppets, finger puppets and monster puppets. Enjoy your browsing!

Here are a few examples...

6 Finger Puppets showing Humpty Dumpty, a Shiny Star, A Green Fish, A spider with a Yellow Hat, A Black Sheep and A Brown Mouse

A Large Hand Puppet of a Green Dinosaur in a Giant Egg

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Puppets for Children on the Spectrum Testimonial of a mum | Puppets Ireland | March 2023

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