Top Puppets for Christmas 2023

Puppets are not just ordinary toys; they are an open door to a world of imagination and storytelling for children and grown-ups! Whether you see them as a collection or a once-off purchase, one thing is certain: children will always know what to do with a puppet and come up with their own amazing stories.

On Puppets Ireland, you will find loads of themed puppets, from ferocious T-Rex dinosaurs to friendly monsters, cute sea creatures, super heroes puppets, and even super-sized hand puppets.
What I like about puppets is their simplicity. They require no elaborate setup, no batteries, and no screens. All that's needed is imagination, creativity and a sense of humour! Puppets often bring families together around an impromptu show.
I should also add that they make a good present for any occasion, birthday, little treat and Christmas!

I also find that our customers get puppets to use with a book. Many children love to hear stories or read books aloud, puppets are the perfect companions to a storybook. As a child hears or reads the story, they can bring the characters and the story alive by miming it. Finger Puppets for really well with our range of storybooks from Usborne! A good way to encourage listening skills and to make reading a fun and engaging experience.

There are always the good old favourites when it comes to puppets and dinosaurs, farm animals, nursery rhymes and boy/girl characters always make it to the top 5!

Our Top Puppets for Christmas 2023:

My 1st Christmas Puppet Santa Claus

Santa Claus Hand Puppet with large white beard and red outfit with black buttons.

Fiesta Crafts Snowman Finger Puppet with Wooden Head

Snowman Finger Puppet with black hat, brown scarf and arms.

The Puppet Company Pig Finger Puppet

Pig Finger Puppet with pink body and brown eyes, hands and feet.

The Puppet Company Long Sleeved Puppet Rabbit

Long Sleeved Rabbit Hand Puppet with tall white ears, soft brown body.

The Puppet Company Large Dino T-Rex

Large Hand Puppet of a T-Rex dinosaur. Green head with mouth opened and white teeth.

Living Puppets Klopps Hand Puppet

Orange Hand Puppet, round shaped with big eyes and mouth opening.

Living Puppets Konstantine 65cm Large Hand Puppet

Girl Hand Puppet with brown hair and pig tails. Dressed with purple trousers and a green top.

Fiesta Crafts Wizard of Oz Hand Puppet and Finger Puppet Set

Full body of a girl hand puppet in a blue dress with 5 character finger puppets.

The Puppet Company Girl Hand Puppet

Girl Hand Puppet with blond hair in pig tails wearing a red dress with a green top.

Living Puppets Sesame Street Elmo Hand Puppet

Hand Puppet on the shape of Elmo, red body with an orange nose and beady eyes.

The Puppet Company Hide Away Treehouse

Soft toy of a brown tree trunk with hand puppets in the shape of birds on it.
The Puppet Company Sockette Hand Puppet Narg

Sock Puppet with stripey green and orange body and green head with 3 eyes.

Fiesta Crafts Black Boy Mouth Moving Hand Puppet

Boy Hand Puppet with brown face and black hair, wearing drak blue trousers and stripey blue top.

Fiesta Crafts Finger Puppets Theatre

Girl playing with a Finger puppet beside a Finger Puppet Theatre.

 Top Puppets for Christmas 2023 | Puppets Ireland 2023

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