Collection: Mouth Moving Puppets

Engage children of all ages with our stunning range of mouth-moving puppets. Perfect for creative and social play, these captivating characters add a touch of fun to storytime, complementing books flawlessly. These puppets offer not only entertainment but also incredible educational and therapeutic benefits.

The play possibilities when using Mouth Moving Puppets are endless. It's probably one of the few traditional toy that is as fun to use for parents as it is for children and that's without counting the amazing educational and therapeutic benefits of using with puppets!

Top benefits of playing with Mouth Moving Puppets:

1 - With Mouth Moving Puppets, children are encouraged to verbalise their thoughts and feelings.

2 - They are sized and designed to be used by children and adults. So they can be used by children to make their own stories and by an adult for storytelling or engaging with a child who is a bit shy for example.

3 - Mouth Moving Puppets are seen as friends and a loyal companion for bedtime.

Some of our popular Mouth Moving Puppets are:

Living Puppets Finja Hand Puppet 45cm

The Puppet Company Sockette Puppet Narg

The Puppet Company Baby Bird Hand Puppet Crow

Fiesta Crafts Dog Hand Puppet

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We believe in the values of traditional toys that offer children endless play possibilities and let them be in charge of their play. Toys like puppets really encourage children's natural ability to play and learn through play. You may be interested in reading about our suppliers here and also about our partners who help us deliver top customer service to our customers.